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Pokemon Magnet

Pokemon Magnet

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Transform your space into an enchanted place with our PVC Pokémon Magnet, perfect for embellishing bulletin boards, refrigerators, and any interior decoration.

Features :

Individual Magnet: Each purchase includes a unique Pokémon magnet, offering a variety of iconic characters.

Versatility of Use: Ideal for decorating bulletin boards, refrigerators, and other metal surfaces, these magnets add a touch of magic to any space.

Size : The magnets measure between 2 and 3 cm, providing a perfect size for versatile use and creating creative layouts.

Material: Made of durable PVC, these magnets ensure resistance to daily wear and tear and a long service life.

Possible Uses :

Educational Notice Board: Use the magnets to create an educational bulletin board with notes, reminders, or even Pokémon drawings.

Refrigerator decoration: Add a playful touch to your refrigerator by arranging these magnets for a fun and practical decoration.

Interior decoration : Integrate them into your interior decoration, whether on metal surfaces in the kitchen, office or bedroom.

Note : These Pokémon magnets are more than just accessories; they are an invitation to create, organize and beautify your space with the playful energy of Pokémon. Let your creativity run wild with these enchanted magnets! 🌈👾

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