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Lot x8 Pokeballs with Pokémon Figure and Supports

Lot x8 Pokeballs with Pokémon Figure and Supports

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Discover the captivating world of Pokémon with this exceptional 8-piece set, including Pokeballs, random figures and assorted stands. Perfect for Pokémon collectors and enthusiasts, this set offers an immersive experience.

Main Features :

Complete Set: Each set includes 8 Pokeballs, each measuring 7 cm, as well as a random Pokémon figure measuring approximately 5 cm. Matching stands for Pokeballs are also included.

Pokeball: Pokeballs have a diameter of 7 cm, offering an ideal size for easy handling and perfect integration into any Pokémon collection.

Figure: Each set includes a random Pokémon figure measuring approximately 5cm, adding a touch of surprise and excitement to every purchase.

Practical Holders: The 8 included holders allow Pokeballs to be presented and organized in a stylish way, providing a practical solution for collectors.

Material: Made of durable PVC, this material ensures the strength and longevity of Pokeballs, figures and stands.

Possible Uses:

Pokémon Collection: Ideal for Pokémon collectors, this set adds essential elements to any collection.

Creative Decoration: Use Pokeballs and figurines to decorate your space in a creative way, whether on a shelf, a desk or in a display case.

Perfect Gift: Give this set as a gift to a Pokémon-loving friend or family member, creating a unique unboxing experience.

Note: This 8-piece set offers total immersion in the Pokémon universe, combining the nostalgia of Pokeballs with the surprise of random figurines. Add this versatile collection to your Pokémon universe now! 🌟🔴

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