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Hard case - Pokémon card holder

Hard case - Pokémon card holder

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The Pokémon Case is designed to provide protection and convenient storage for your Pokémon cards and other accessories. It is ideal for collectors and players wanting to keep their cards safe.

Features :

Storage Capacity: The bag can hold up to 50 cards (cards not included), allowing you to transport and organize your collection with ease.

Dimensions: 11.7x16.7 cm, providing ample space for your cards and accessories.

Versatile Storage Box: In addition to Pokémon cards, the bag can also be used as a storage box for headphones, playing cards, small accessories and more, providing a practical storage solution.

Hard Album: The bag features a hard exterior that provides extra protection for your cards, keeping them intact and preventing scratches or dirt.

Mesh Pocket: Extra storage space with a mesh pocket allows you to organize your accessories neatly, making access easy and preventing loss.

Attractive Designs: The bag features cute designs and bright colors that add a touch of fun to your card packs and collecting experience.

360-degree zipper: Opening and closing the bag is simple and convenient thanks to the 360-degree zipper, ensuring optimal security for your cards.

Soft Interior: The interior of the bag is soft, providing double protection for your cards and minimizing the risk of damage during transport or storage.

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