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Lot of Pokémon figurines (4 to 6cm)

Lot of Pokémon figurines (4 to 6cm)

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Pokémon figures are adorable and fun toys that allow children to experience epic adventures with their favorite Pokémon.

Features :

Random Collection: Each Pokémon Figure Pack includes a random selection of figures, providing an exciting surprise with every purchase. You'll be able to expand your collection with different characters, making each unboxing experience unique.

No duplicates: To ensure diversity in each batch, we ensure that there are no duplicates of figures. Enjoy the satisfaction of discovering new characters with every purchase and enrich your collection with a variety of Pokémon.

Safety Warning:

Please note that due to their size, the figures are not suitable for children under 3 years old, as they contain small parts which could pose a choking hazard.
We strongly recommend carefully supervising children while playing with these Pokémon figures and keeping them away from toddlers.

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