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Pikachu Mix in Pokémon Resin

Pikachu Mix in Pokémon Resin

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Explore your creativity with our Resin Pikachu Pack. This exclusive set includes 10 adorable resin Pikachu, each measuring approximately 20 x 25mm. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, these versatile Pikachu are ready to be incorporated into your scrapbooking, decoration, manicure and jewelry projects.

Features :

Pack Contents: 10 x Flat Back Resin Pikachu

Models Available: Each set includes 10 units with 5 different designs, offering a variety of Pikachu expressions and poses to fit your unique creative style.

Material: Carefully crafted from resin, these Pikachu provide an ideal base for all your creative ideas.

Dimensions: Each Pikachu measures approximately 20 x 25mm, providing an ideal size for a variety of DIY projects.

Flat Back: Easy to stick, these flat-backed Pikachu adapt perfectly to a multitude of surfaces.

Possible Uses:

Scrapbooking Jewelry: Add a touch of magic to your scrapbooking creations by integrating these adorable Pikachu.

Decorative Accessories: Transform ordinary objects into unique pieces by adding these flat-backed Pikachu.

Creative Manicure: Personalize your manicure by incorporating these Pikachu for a unique style.

DIY: Create personalized jewelry using these Pikachu resins as pendants or charms.

Usage tips :

Use strong glue for lasting attachment to a variety of surfaces.

Experiment with different positions and combinations to create unique designs.
With our Pikachu Pack, inspiration is key.
Let your creativity speak and transform each project into a unique adventure. Add a touch of Pokémon to your DIY world now!

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