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Coin Display

Coin Display

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Discover the Coin Display, the essential accessory to showcase your precious Pokémon Commemorative Coin. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the collection and offer your piece a presentation worthy of its exceptional value.

Features :

Black color

Exhibition Support: This display is specially designed to showcase your Pokémon Commemorative Coin. It provides an elegant and captivating presentation of your precious collectible.

Round base: The base of the display has a diameter of 5.5CM, providing optimal stability.

Frame: The outer frame measures 9 × 9 × 2cm, with an inner diameter of 7.5 × 7.5cm. It is designed to frame your room aesthetically and securely.

Protection: The display window effectively prevents your piece from being exposed to air, moisture and dust, thus preserving its pristine condition.

“Floating” Effect: The display element is sandwiched between two transparent films, creating the illusion that your collectible is “floating” in the frame. This adds a unique visual dimension.

Versatile Use: This display can also be used to showcase other valuable items such as medals, poker chips, jewelry and more. It offers versatility in displaying your most precious treasures.

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