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Pokémon Electronic Piggy Bank

Pokémon Electronic Piggy Bank

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Explore financial fun with our Pokémon Electronic Piggy Bank, featuring the iconic Pikachu design. This piggy bank combines the charm of Pikachu with fun electronic features.

Features :

Size: With a height of 12cm, this piggy bank is compact and ideal for any space, from the office to the bedroom.

Design: The electronic piggy bank is designed to accept coins, adding a fun touch to saving.

Electronic and Fun: Equipped with electronic features, the piggy bank emits music while receiving coins, making saving interactive.

Model: The design features the iconic Pikachu model, delighting Pokémon fans of all ages.

Works with 2 AA Batteries (not included): Easy to power, the piggy bank runs on two AA batteries, providing convenient use.

Weight: The piggy bank weighs 367 grams, making it light and easy to move.

Material: Made of durable PVC, the piggy bank guarantees resistance to daily wear and tear.


Interactive Music: The electronic piggy bank emits a pleasant melody when a coin is inserted, making saving fun.

Piggy bank function: In addition to music, the piggy bank performs the traditional function of storing coins.

Usage tips :

Insert new AA batteries for optimal performance.

Empty the Piggy Bank regularly to avoid any clutter.

Note: The Pokémon Pikachu Electronic Piggy Bank is more than just a savings container, it is an interactive experience for Pokémon fans. Add a dose of fun to your savings with Pikachu today! 💰⚡

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